Boxee launches iPad app, new Box update, media server and bookmarklet today

The long awaited Boxee for iPad app is finally ready to launch, and coming with it is a fresh update for the Boxee Box, plus new Media Manager software for your PC or Mac to make streaming locally stored files to the tablet or PC even easier. We got an early look at the iPad app (which lacks access to the Box's apps) and while the interface had been lightly reworked since our last hands-on experience at CES it was very crash prone, with a tendency to close suddenly while streaming videos from YouTube or a connected PC. Boxee Box owners may not have to worry about that however, since the new v1.2 update adds AirPlay compatibility as an "experiment" for any online content (check after the break for the full list of changes). The Media Manager software on the PC makes it easier to organize content for playback on the tablet or Box, while a new Watch Later Bookmarklet also makes one-click sharing of online video from browser to device possible. All in all the idea is to make Boxee the "one place to discover, watch and share video" no matter where you are and we can see it getting there -- once everything stays up and running consistently.

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Boxee Box 1.2 Release Notes
New Features / Enhancements
Networking & File Playback
Added support for Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
Added support for Network File System (NFS)
Enhanced support for SMB/CIFS shares
Added support for Boxee Media Manager
Consolidated network shares under the server name
Ability to filter premium content sources like Netflix, HBOGo, VUDU, etc. in library
Reordered Apps library
New "Featured Apps" section
Updated App categories
Support for seek within a video on first right/left click (when OSD is still not open)
Seek forward is now 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds
"Jump to letter" sidebar in libraries now shows current letter location
Improved HTML 5 video support
Resetting display settings leaves previous setting data intact
Add support for HDMI output YUV422 and YUV444
Add support for HDMI output 30 and 36 bit color
HDMI "Black Level" settingnow RGB "High and Low"
Bug fixes
Networking & File Playback
Problem with manually resolving a movie that has NFO file
Fixed adult filter for local content in manual resolve
HLS Playback ends abruptly
SMB: boxee crash when selecting "No results found"
"Resume playback from [end of video time marker]" shows up on videos that have been previously played all the way to the very end.
When trying to play a movie again after it ended the play dialog offers to resume the movie from the movies last second
Soundtrack loses Dolby Digital indication every 10s, without any relation to commercials spots
SAMBA Authentication to Servers Accepting NTLMv2 Only Fails
Boxee doesn't resolve TV Shows with ID located only in the tvshow.nfo
.m2ts Thumbnails Are Gray (When Viewing In Files)
After clicking play (from paused state) the OSD should immediately disappear
TV Show files that are deleted aren't removed from the library
Video file playing across network stops playing
Video files containing "@" in the file path are not identified
Videos on Vimeo do not play. and the device has to be restarted manually
Vimeo - couch mode freeze after 10-15 minutes of playback, also freeze for a long time between videos
API Command SeekTime() is not working
SnagFilms Documentaries playback stops prior to loading 2nd commercial
Local TV shows take an extremely long time to load
Watched TV Show Trigger not working
Unable to remove a show from favorites when there is no content for the show
Default focus when getting to exit confirmation in browser should be Exit not Stay
HTML video tag causes page redraw issues... until video starts playing crashes boxee browser
CNBC online video does not play will not open in the browser
Localization: GERMAN Replace "Bewertung" for MPAA-Rating with "FSK"
Various Fixes to minimise Plasma Burn in
Additional Keyboard names are not according the languages names but only in English (using the directory name)
Increase subtitle sync limit from 50 to 200
Boxee Box appears to be clipping black & white levels
Known limitations
Streaming to the Boxee client via Airplay from the app is limited to online content (cannot steam local content via Boxee Media Manager)