Nomura considering 'HD technical test' for Kingdom Hearts anniversary

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Nomura considering 'HD technical test' for Kingdom Hearts anniversary
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will finally make its hands-on debut at the Tokyo Game Show later this fall -- but does that news really do anything for you? In the latest issue of Japanese gaming mag Dengeki PlayStation (as translated by Andriasang), Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura explained that it's becoming difficult to get new players into the series with each new iteration. We get the hesitation -- we've played all the Kingdom Hearts games, and still can't follow a majority of their plots.

Nomura mentioned a plan to help bring new players into the fold: As a celebration of the franchise's 10th anniversary, he hopes to release an "HD technical test" of the series. Could that mean remakes of the first two, past-gen games? Maybe a teaser trailer similar to that of Final Fantasy VII HD which Square Enix will undoubtedly never follow up on? We'll try to squeeze some answers out of those lollygaggers during TGS next month.
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