US Cellular announces intent to switch to tiered data, LTE still on track for November

Oh, how the mighty fall one by one. US Cellular, in its Q2 earnings call, stunned the mobile world by announcing that it expects to follow the lead of Verizon and AT&T by moving to a tiered data pricing structure within the next two to three quarters. No details were given on pricing or data limits, though it's quite possible the particulars are getting fleshed out as we speak. The regional carrier also indicated that its 4G rollout is still on track for November, with one LTE-compatible smartphone scheduled to launch at roughly the same time. Is it a coincidence that the new data pricing scheme would become effective within a similar timeframe? Hard to say, but we're continuously reminded on all fronts that the era of all-you-can-eat data is quickly coming to a depressing close; it looks like we won the battle for faster mobile broadband, but it didn't come without a fair amount of bloodshed.