Windows Phone 'Tango' may be Mango's successor, geared toward less-expensive handsets

Windows Phone's Mango update was released to manufacturers for testing two weeks ago, and you know what that means -- it's time to speculate on what's lined up after the still-unreleased refresh. Mary Jo Foley's dishing out some juicy rumors from sources that the next version of Windows Phone is codenamed "Tango," and has a few tricks up its sleeves. The new OS would have a tighter focus on Nokia's desire to bring lower-priced phones to the fold; it'll also apparently target the Asian market "largely or even exclusively." This prediction sounds as though Tango would only be pushed to inexpensive handsets, effectively turning Windows Phone into a two-tiered platform -- but as many rumors go, we're still waiting for a little more meat to chew on before making such a conjecture. If the new codename sticks, however, we expect to see a video chat service that won't be too happy with the news. We'll grab the popcorn and get a good seat for the (lopsided) duel that's sure to come.