Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to include new Decoy grenade and balance tweaks

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to include new Decoy grenade and balance tweaks
Officially, Valve hasn't given us much more than a name for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, but unofficially, they've invited a bevy of pro-gamers to the HQ to play it already. G4 got a hold of one of those pros, and Craig "Torbull" Levin from eSports Entertainment Association, has shared some details on the game he saw.

It sure sounds a lot like Counter-Strike -- of course there will be new models and animations, but the maps are all the old familiar kind: Dust, Dust2, Inferno, Nuke, and Train. There are some new maps to play on, and new weapons, including a new heavy machine gun, a new range of shotguns specifically for close-up combat, and a Molotov cocktail grenade, expensive and designed for strategically cutting off a certain area on the map.

There's another new grenade called a Decoy that sounds cool: It'll send out a burst of gunfire from wherever it's thrown, confusing the enemy team into thinking there's action there. That's still being tweaked (the gunfire might be from specific weapons or just the generic enemy firearms), along with weapons strength and various experiments like giving everyone kevlar at round start, or making the CT defuse kit a special item like the Terrorist bomb.

Sounds interesting -- and still very under development. We'll see the game later on this month at PAX, and let you know more then.
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