Jagged Alliance Online premieres new Gamescom trailer

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.12.11

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Jagged Alliance Online premieres new Gamescom trailer
Jagged Alliance Online
"They gave us a mission. They never told us what it was about."

So begins the newest trailer for Jagged Alliance Online, gamigo's turn-based tactical RPG that features mercenaries, guns, and plenty of strategy. The trailer begins with your typical action movie setup: Rugged heroes get involved in a mission gone bad and are hung out to dry by their superiors. Rather than to roll over to die, they pick up a few thousand rounds of ammunition and head out seeking a little revenge.

After the introduction, the trailer does show a few seconds of in-game footage from Jagged Alliance Online, as bodies fly when hit with bullets and explosions rule supreme.

Jagged Alliance Online will be at this month's Gamescom, and get a preview of the game's convention trailer after the jump.

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