Verizon wants you to upgrade to a smartphone, offering $100 gift card in exchange?

How much is Verizon willing to pay you to switch from a basic phone to a smartphone? A cool $100, according to rumors. The provider is reportedly gearing up to launch a new offer aimed at encouraging more customers to get with the times, as part of its trade-in program. Under the incentive, basic phone users eligible for a two-year upgrade (or those who qualify for an early upgrade) would be able to re-sign a two-year contract, tack on a data plan and purchase a new smartphone at a reduced price. Once that's done, they'll receive a PIN code for Verizon's trade-in site, where they'll find instructions on how to send in their old phones to receive a $100 gift card. A tipster told Phone Arena that the offer will run from August 18th to September 30th, though it remains unclear whether it will be regional or nationwide. For more details, check out the source link, below.