Android gets a TiVo Premiere remote app with TiVo Commander

We're still waiting for a version of TiVo's official remote to come to Android, but now there's a homebrew option available in the meantime. TiVo Commander is a free open source app that just hit the Android Market based on the community's research of how TiVo's app talks to its DVRs. So far the feature list includes a full remote control with keyboard input, ability to browse recorded shows, search for shows/movies/actors, set recordings and see credits or suggestions for similar content to what's being watched. Of course you're giving up some of the slick look and convenient options that are still iOS-only but if you just want to get things working on your Motorola / Samsung / HTC / etc. device right now, that ability is just a click of the source link away.

[Thanks, @BrennokBob]