LotRO's Draigoch revealed in his full glory

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.17.11

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LotRO's Draigoch revealed in his full glory
LOTRO Draigoch
While we've previously been treated to concept art of Lord of the Rings Online's new 24-man raid boss, we haven't seen how the dragon Draigoch actually looked in game... until now. Today Turbine released three screenshots showcasing its ginormous dragon, and we have to admit: The dude looks intimidating.

Glowy eyes? Check. Fire breath? Check. Squatting on a pile of treasure? Check. Horns, claws and leathery wings? Check. Hipster beard? Uh... check! It is surprising to see a dragon with a beard, although it does lend Draigoch an aura of maturity. Well, that and the possibility that he's planning to audition for ZZ Top.

Draigoch is one of the last of the great dragons of Middle-earth, and Turbine has said that he will not only talk but lip-sync his dialogue to players. You can check out Draigoch's photo shoot in the gallery below.
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