Zentia's 1.4 update heralds Dragon Boat Festival and more

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Zentia's 1.4 update heralds Dragon Boat Festival and more
Zentia screenshot
Fans of ChangYou's cutesy Chinese-flavored MMO Zentia are in for a tasty summer treat today. The company is wrapping up the season with the launch of update 1.4, which brings with it the first part of the third Heavenly Test, known as the Ten-Position Test. No, that's not veiled innuendo -- Zentia's Heavenly Tests are world events in which elite groups of players compete to advance the server and level-cap. The patch also offers new disciplines, quests, drop-rate tweaks, paintings, updates to the cash shop (including new pirate-themed costumes), and a new instance named Silent Altar Challenge, which is aimed at highbie players.

Coinciding with this content update is the introduction of a new themed event called the Dragon Boat Festival. Running from August 17th to the 24th, the festival encourages players to donate raw materials to NPCs called Provincial Officers, who will craft the titular dragon boats and teach players how to make party food known as zongzi. A "surprise" awaits those who lend their materials to the project, so if you're in the mood for a snack and a boat ride, don't delay.

Past the break, we've included an official trailer highlighting the best of the patch. Enjoy!

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