Nokia to announce Symbian Belle update on Wednesday, crafts a countdown timer

Well, that must be embarrassing: Nokia gets a fancy countdown clock set up on its Facebook page as a teaser for something new on Symbian, and the file it set up still says "belle_fb_TeaserMain" in it. It doesn't anymore, but the cat's already out of the bag; on Wednesday morning Espoo will most likely unveil Belle, its forthcoming bump up from Symbian Anna. We're unsure of the exact details that'll be shared, though we've already seen enough of the new update to know what to expect: with a couple lengthy videos, multitudes of screenshots and a leaked version of Belle floating around somewhere, there isn't much of a mystery left to shed light on. That said, we're still hoping we'll see some device announcements as well as dates and device compatibility. Perhaps Mr. Elop just wants us to think it's Belle, in which case this would be the best teaser of all.

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