Rumor: Nintendo working on 3DS redesign, $10 joystick add-on

By most accounts, the 3DS hasn't quite been the runaway success that Nintendo was banking on. The company attempted to address the lukewarm response with a significant price drop and an accompanying public apology. Now it seems that even more drastic measures may be in the works. French site 01net, which has hit past gaming rumors squarely on the head, is reporting that Nintendo is working on a $10 analog joystick add-on that will snap onto the portable console. That revelation poses all kinds of questions, like how the system will be able to close with the controller in place and whether 3DS users will really take to such a thing. Even more interesting is the rumor that the company is working on a redesigned system for 2012, which, among other things, will pull some of the focus away from the 3D functionality that was so central to Nintendo's pitch when the device first launched. According to the rumor, that distancing from the 3D functionality may also be reflected in the name of the new model.