Sharp RW-T107 Android tablet packs NFC reader, will accept payments in Japan

Tools like Square's credit card reader and Apple's proprietary iOS retail system make mobile payments possible in the US, but they're hardly streamlined, or widespread. A new Gingerbread tablet from Sharp -- the RW-T107 -- sets out to simplify payments in Japan with its built-in NFC reader. You won't be using your own tablet to pay -- instead, retailers will utilize point of sale apps to process transactions, without a customer ever needing to swipe their credit card. RFID payment cards, like Sony's FeliCa, have been used throughout Japan for the last decade, so consumers are already familiar with the technology and ready to make payments. There's no word on what retailers will expect to pay to add Sharp's tablet to their checkout mix, but with the company set to release only 5,000 devices per month (and no plans to introduce them to the US), we're not planning to ditch our cash just yet.