AT&T's fall and winter 2011 roadmap leaked in spreadsheet glory

Summer is in full swing, but if you happen to take a peek at AT&T's leaked roadmap for the upcoming two quarters, you might just sense the chill of winter in the air. While this doesn't appear to be official from Ma Bell, or entirely exhaustive, we've gotten a spreadsheet that goes in-depth to out the carrier's upcoming smartphones. A host of Android devices are on the list -- all with Gingerbread -- along with two handsets that strut Windows Phone 7.5 and another duo with BlackBerry 7. Of particular note, we see the Samsung SGH-i777 (otherwise known as the Attain), along with the SGH-i927 for you QWERTY slider lovers. Both Sammy's sport Category 14 HSDPA, or (up to) 21Mbps downloads. Curiously, the Impulse -- Ma Bell's rumored LTE phone -- is nowhere to be found. The Motorola MB865, with a full gigabyte of RAM and 8 megapixel camera, aligns very well with the rumored Atrix refresh. You've seen the two phones from RIM before, and while Samsung's Mango handset spent a brief moment in the wild, little is known about HTC's counterpart. Hopefully we won't need to wait for the actual change of seasons to learn more.