HTC Bliss gets its clearest photo session yet, shows off front-facing camera

The HTC Bliss is undoubtedly going through the typical pre-launch routine: it's passed through the ranks of the FCC, received its first Blurrycam session, and now we're finally seeing the upcoming device up close and personal. The folks at XDA China got their hands on one and took a few high-quality images for the world to see, which means we're probably not too far away from the phone's forthcoming release. They confirmed that the Bliss will in fact run on HTC Sense 3.5, feature a front-facing camera, and that it will come in a variety of colors. So, will we find this on display at next week's HTC meetup? Or maybe our team will get some hands-on time at IFA? And will this "female-oriented" smartphone find a place with its intended demographic? Hopefully the wait is almost over.