Microsoft: front facing cameras, Skype integration coming with Mango update (video)

When Microsoft unveiled the SGH-i937 Mango Windows Phone 7 handset last month, we noticed what appeared to be a front facing camera perched atop the Galaxy S II-like device. Now, the company has confirmed that forthcoming Mango flavored phones will indeed feature face-gazing shooters, along with Skype integration. The confirmation came at Redmond's TechEd event in New Zealand, where two employees also revealed that Microsoft's Lync VoIP client will soon expand to other platforms, including iOS, Android and Symbian. As for that Skype integration, the reps assured the audience that it's coming soon, though it remains unclear whether it'll come in the form of an app, or a subsequent update. You can watch the TechEd session for yourself after the break, but be warned that parts of it are somewhat inaudible.

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