Strange clues hint at a new Samsung Galaxy S II running Windows Phone 7

The image above is unfortunately just a Photoshop special, designed to sucker you in. But there is evidence to suggest that a WP7 version of the overwhelmingly popular Galaxy S II might be just around the corner. What type of evidence, you ask? The numerological type: if you take the Galaxy S II's model number, SGH-927, then add 10, you get "SGH-937." Now, a device bearing that name has just cropped up at the Bluetooth SIG, and it's reported to have exactly the same Bluetooth characteristics as a Mango Windows Phone 7 handset. Finally, we add some corroboration in the form of an obscure list of WP7 phones at Occasional Gamer, which also mentions the SHG-937. That leaves us just two possibilities: either WP7 is about be available on one of the best smartphones around, or it isn't. Luckily, the occult rules of numerology state that you can pick whichever one you like.