Sony's Digital Link Sound System brings all-in-one iOS integration to your dashboard

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Sony's Digital Link Sound System brings all-in-one iOS integration to your dashboard
Is your car yearning for more iOS integration? Sony's got you covered, with its new Digital Link Sound System. The company's new audio package is available in two models: the all-in-one XDP-PK1000 and the more compact XDP-MU110. The former consists of five components, including an iPhone / iPod Touch cradle (pictured above), wireless remote control, customizable digital sound processor, 12-inch box subwoofer and 300 watt Class D mono block amp. The XDP-MU110, on the other hand, is geared toward drivers who are already content with their amp / subwoofer setup, but simply want to outfit their ride with a fresh audio system, with the help of Sony's cradle, processor and remote. If you're interested in getting one, however, you'll have to wait a little longer; the XDP-PK1000 is expected to start shipping in September, for about $800, with the XDP-MU110 slated to ship in November, for $400. Cruise past the break for more information, in the full PR.
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Sony's New Digital Link Sound System Integrates Factory Car Head Units with Sound Staging Technology

The product is an all-in-one package solution for iPod touch®/iPhone® integration into original car audio systems

San Diego, August 24, 2011 – Sony announced Digital Link Sound System, a new product that easily installs and enhances the audio quality of factory head units. Digital Link Sound System will be available in two models, XDP-PK1000, an all-in-one package to optimize sound staging, and the XDP-MU110 model, a condensed version which integrates with existing or other subwoofers and amplifiers.

"It is becoming increasingly common for original in-dash radios to be integrated with other features like navigation and climate controls, and more and more, customers want to keep the original looks of their car stereos, while improving sound quality," said Mike Kahn, director of the Audio Product Division at Sony Electronics. "Digital Link Sound System is a convenient solution, allowing music lovers to listen to their favorite songs on their iPhone or iPod touch with a high-quality, powerful 3 Dimensional sound and increased functionality of their factory audio system."

XDP-PK1000 Digital Link Sound System

The XDP-PK1000 Digital Link Sound System is a total audio system comprised of five pieces: Cradle for iPhone, card remote, Digital Sound Processor Master Unit, 12 inch box subwoofer, and Class D Mono Block Amplifier. The internal DSP processing creates a balanced front stage and improves sound quality on a pre-installed original car audio system. It enhances iPod Touch or iPhone playback by digitally connecting and fully processing in the digital domain for optimized sound performance. It also enables adjustment of time alignment, equalization and crossover points to deliver an improved audio experience. The processor is customizable, utilizing three multi-position switches to adjust DSP parameters for 18 types of vehicles.

Bass response is increased with the 300 watt Class D amp and sealed 12 inch subwoofer enclosure. The Class D amp is highly efficient, converting about 90% of incoming power into output to the speakers. Sony's original technology, Dynamic Distortion Suppressor, suppresses distortion that occurs at higher playback levels for clear bass reproduction. The subwoofer utilizes Sony's Dimpled Woofer Cone, which makes the unit lightweight but tough, while producing higher output power.

Using the adjustable dash mounted cradle, you can control playback of internally stored audio content or listen to audio from internet audio apps on an iPod touch or iPhone. The included wireless remote lets drivers control the basic functions of the system.

XDP-MU110 Digital Link Sound System

For music lovers who already have an amplifier and subwoofer or want to install a different audio system, the XDP-MU110 system is an ideal solution. This model comes with three pieces: Cradle for iPhone, Digital Sound Processor Master Unit and card remote. Buyers of this model still get the enhanced sound quality from the DSP processing and increased functionality from the mounted cradle and wireless remote control while having the flexibility and freedom to combine with the amplifier and subwoofer of their choice. The XDP-MU110 model offers a simple and easy set-up and navigation support by illumination color (cradle) and beep sound. Whether using the internal 45W x 4 high power amplifier for speakers or the 2 Volt Front, Rear and Sub RCA pre-amp outputs to feed an external amplifier, drivers can dial in the output for optimum sound.

Pricing and Availability

The XDP-PK1000 model, available in September 2011, will be available for about $799 at authorized car dealerships nationwide, Best Buy and Sony stores and online at

The XDP-MU11, available November 2011, will be available for about $399 at authorized retailers nationwide, Sony stores and online at

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