You haven't Myst this great deal on Cyan games

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JC Fletcher
August 26, 2011 5:30 PM
You haven't Myst this great deal on Cyan games
If you're looking to pass a quiet weekend clicking your way through some puzzles, look no further than Good Old Games. The DRM-free retailer has put its whole selection of Cyan games on sale for half off this weekend. That includes Myst 1 and 2, the RealMyst remake, and the pre-Myst children's adventure game The Manhole for $2.99 each, and Uru for $4.99.

If you want the whole package, and several lost weekends, you can get it all for $16.95. The offer ends Monday at 11:59 PM EDT, so ... buy the games you want before then, unless you want to pay more for your island getaway.
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