MOTOFONE F3, the zombie apocalypse survival phone (video)

You can never be too prepared. Whether you're being chased by brain sucking zombies, hunted down by ruthless killer robots, or -- more likely -- the victim of an earthquake or other natural disaster. There's only one phone you really need, and that's the MOTOFONE F3. Forget your smartphone and its fancy pants features, forget the internet -- when the apocalypse strikes your survival might depend on a durable handset with great battery life and just the basics, which is exactly what the MOTOFONE F3 delivers. Introduced in 2006 for developing markets, it makes and takes calls, sends and receives text messages, beeps and vibrates, stores and recalls your most important contacts, and includes an alarm clock -- that's it.

Of course, these specs describe almost every simple phone launched since SMS was added to the GSM standard. What makes the MOTOFONE F3 unique is that it uses a segmented e-paper display which sips power and remains legible in both direct sunlight and dark back alleys, along with dual antennae for superior radio performance. Battery life is absolutely incredible, with over 2 weeks in standby and several months powered off. Motorola also designed the handset to be light (68g), thin (9mm) and strong -- it's resistant to shock, dust and moisture, with a sealed keypad and speaker (which is extremely loud). The best part? You can pick one up online, unlocked, for as little as $25.

Check out our gallery below, and whatever you do, don't be like our protagonist in the zombie apocalypse video after the break -- don't leave your SIM at home.

Psst... yeah, we know this phone's ancient, but every now and then we like to reach back and have a little fun. And, you know, escape a looming zombie horde.