East Coast earthquake brings down cell phone, landline service (update: restored)

You've probably already read about the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that affected the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, and now we're hearing reports that the quake brought down some landline and cell phone service in New York, along with other cities on the East Coast. We've been unable to place calls in New York City using AT&T and Sprint smartphones, as well as office landlines. Are you experiencing issues as well? Let us know in the comments.

Update: Service seems to have been restored in New York City.

Update 2: Verizon Wireless has released the following statement on Twitter: "Seeing no reports of damage to our wireless network. There was some network congestion in the East after tremors. Continuing to monitor."

Update 3: T-Mobile was feeling left out and sent us an email: "T-Mobile's network is experiencing higher call volumes in all areas and counties affected by the earthquake. If customers are experiencing temporary difficultly placing calls due to network congestion, we advise them to use SMS or E-Mail until call volumes return to normal."