Sony PRS-T1 e-reader spotted on Dutch retail site for 165 euros

It's nigh on a month since we caught the WiFi-toting Sony PRS-T1 flitting its way through the FCC. Now the unannounced e-reader has popped up again -- this time on a Dutch seller's webpage with some pics, specs and a price of €165 (or $240 after a straight currency conversion). If accurate, most of the new features merit a nod rather than a yelp: a six-inch 800x600 e-ink screen that allows dual-touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom; a plastic body that brings the weight down to 168g (six ounces, versus the 7.6-ounce PRS-650); plus, the inclusion of Wikipedia and Google search. Speaking of which, don't those look rather like Android buttons? Could it be that Sony is founding its latest Reader upon the omnipresent OS (as various rivals have done) and even permitting some of that green robot goodness to bubble to the surface? Perhaps it's better to wait than to speculate -- after all, recent rumors suggest that the official launch for this device is imminent.