HTC working on Sensation special edition with Beats and 1.5GHz dual-core CPU?

Looking for a way to listen to some sensational beats? Soon, we hope to do so using a Sensation with Beats. According to a document leaked to CNET, HTC is planning a revised Special Edition of its popular Sensation that throws in Beats technology and adds a few other improvements at the same time. On the drawing board is a ramped-up 1.5GHz dual-core CPU (up from 1.2GHz), a massive 1,730mAh battery and four times the internal storage at 4GB. If we can trust the above doc, it appears the phone will be offered with GSM and TD-SCDMA -- pegging China as a key market -- and has a starting price of $850. We can only hope the high cost is an extreme case and won't be a precedent set for all future HTC / Beats devices.