SAP co-CEO shares story of a compassionate Steve Jobs

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SAP co-CEO shares story of a compassionate Steve Jobs

Last week SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott told Jim Cramer that SAP was the largest enterprise user of iPads on the planet. In the 8 minute interview, which you can watch here, McDermott and Cramer talked about the iPad's adoption among businesses and the fact that the iPad is "the future." But one of the most interesting tidbits to come out of the interview was a personal story about Steve Jobs.

Bill McDermott's mother had cancer and one day McDermott called Steve Jobs and asked him for help on the matter. As he told Jim Cramer:

"As a matter of fact, when my mom was sick -- she had a similar ailment to Steve's -- I called him up for help, and I asked him for help. And the guy gave me an hour of his time. He gave me all of his docs, his experiences. He's a tremendous human being and the world is in his debt, he's a great visionary, and he's a terrific person. My heart goes out to him and his family."

This story is one of the many that have leaked out from tech leaders after Steve Jobs' resignation last week and shows a compassionate and empathetic side of Steve Jobs that one rarely hears about. However, Steve Jobs private life will come into much sharper view in November when his authorized biography is published. For the biography author Walter Isaacson had access to dozens of personal and professional contacts in Steve Jobs' life. In addition to this unprecedented access Jobs also agreed to not read the book's manuscript until it was published. Steve Jobs biography will hit shelves on November 21st.

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