Eric Schmidt "couldn't stay on" Apple's board (Updated)

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Eric Schmidt "couldn't stay on" Apple's board (Updated)

Update: The original story had a misquote and was subsequently updated to correct this. We've updated our story as well.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt spoke with Salesforce Chairman CEO Mark Benioff in a Q&A session earlier this week. The former CEO had kind words to say about Steve Jobs and called Jobs' reign over Apple as "the best performance of a CEO in 50 years." Though he had glowing words about Jobs, Schmidt was less enthusiastic about his time on Apple's Board of Directors.

Speaking about his time on the board, Schmidt says, "I was on the board until I couldn't stay on the board anymore." The quote came from a Bloomberg report which did not provide the context or additional details about this somewhat scathing comment. But looking back at Schmidt's time on the board, this attitude is not that surprising.

When Schmidt was on the board, Apple had launched the iPhone and Schmidt, as the head of Google, had just launched Android, a competing platform to the iPhone. It must have been an awkward and tense time to be on the board of a company that is now your chief rival.

[Via AppleInsider]
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