Pocket Legends goes under the big top with Nuri's Hallows

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|09.02.11

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Pocket Legends
Pocket Legends, the pint-sized popular MMO with charm and quirkiness to spare, is enlisting players for a stint at the circus. While some of us may indeed qualify to join the sideshow freaks, Spacetime Studios is hoping that adventurers will instead help lift the curse of an unfortunate traveling circus.

With the recently released Nuri's Hallows campaign pack, players can now push up to level 60 as they investigate the cursed circus and its fascinating inhabitants. Amidst fighting the Strongman or navigating the twisted passageways of the House of Pain, there's tons of new loot to be found. Best of all, Spacetime is offering this campaign for free.

Pocket Legends is available on iOS devices, and you can watch the trailer for Nuri's Hallows after the jump. Remember, kids, all the best things in life come after the jump!

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