Homemade PIP-Boy 3000 does (almost) everything

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|09.03.11

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Homemade PIP-Boy 3000 does (almost) everything

Here at Joystiq, we love the idea of taking the non-existant and making it, well, existent, and we applaud the modders, hackers and crafters out there that are crafty enough to do it. Take MyMagicPudding, for instance: not content with living in a world where Fallout 3's wrist-mounted Personal Information Processor didn't exist, Mr. Puddin' took it upon himself to bend the universe to his will create a fully functioning PIP-Boy 3000.

Using an HTC Desire HD, an Arduino Uno microcontroller and a custom-cast casing forged by "Skruffy," Puddin's PIP-Boy stays true to its vault-born inspiration by ignoring the Desire HD's touch-screen capabilities and instead utilizing a functioning scroll-wheel and potentiometer; the correct lights even light up corresponding to what screen you're on.

Puddin's first foray into the world of electronics is a picturesque representation of one of our favorite gaming gadgets, but the sad truth is that so many components were required to produce a perfect PIP-Boy, there ended up being no room left for the owner's arm. Once again, the limitations of physical space have prevented fiction from becoming reality.
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