Altec Lansing shows off an iPod dock, AirPlay speaker, plus headphones for the ladies

Altec Lansing is showing off a handful of updates to its line of audio accessories this week at IFA in Berlin. At top of the list is the newly revealed inAir 5000, a hefty tabletop AirPlay speaker that the company is firmly positioning to take on Bowers & Wilkins' Zeppelin line (which also recently got its own AirPlay version). Like that system, the inAir certainly offers a unique take on aesthetics, with a teardrop design. The company opted not to install an Apple dock on the 110 watt system, given that compatible devices can stream audio wirelessly to the thing via AirPlay.

The iMT630 Classic is, not surprisingly, a more traditional speaker dock. It's portable and light and features a docking shelf on the front that can be flipped out with the push of a button. Open up the stand on the back, and you'll find a spot for storing the speaker's remote. The remote itself is also magnetic, so you can stick it to the Classic's front grill (someone at the company has clearly lost a lot of remotes in their day). No word yet on pricing and availability for either speaker system.

The company also showcased its Bliss Headphones, which are "designed for a Woman's ear." What does that mean, exactly? Mostly that their earbuds are smaller, fitting more comfortably in smaller ear canals. Altec Lansing assures us, however, that they're still capable of offering great sound, in spite of their size. And yes, they come in pink.%Gallery-132600%