Amazon, 7-Eleven team up to bring delivery convenience to your corner store

Allow us to set the scene: It's late Friday night. You've just finished working and decide to hit up the local 7-Eleven on your way home for a Slim Jim, Mountain Brew and... your Amazon package? Why, yes, as absurd as it seems there could very well be a P.O. Box-like locker in your nearby Kwik-E Mart's future. The whispering winds of hearsay flew by the ears over at The Daily and delivered this little nugget of Bezos-backed possibility. According to the source, a Seattle chain already has one of the prototypes in its possession, with a nationwide rollout potentially headed for next summer. So, how's it work? Apparently, you'll be offered a choice of 7-Eleven delivery locations during the online checkout process, after which an emailed bar code can be scanned by the locker to reveal a pin that gets you access to your Amazon stash. Alright, it's an undoubtedly convenient idea, but how's about they also throw in some of those Android-based tablets? Now that's point-of-sale.