Did Netflix just start limiting users to one movie stream at a time? No

Over the last couple of days, some Netflix users have reported getting error messages whenever they tried to view Watch Instantly video streams on two different devices at the same time. While some reports have suggested that along with instituting a price hike September 1st it also decided to start cracking down on multiple streams, it turns out there's a simpler explanation. According to spokesman Steve Swasey, the policy is still the same and no Netflix member is limited to less than two streams at once. The messages people are seeing indicating otherwise? An "error" the company is correcting. Glitches suck, and are becoming a bit too routine on the service for our liking -- Hacking Netflix reports another blip caused S1 of Star Trek: TNG to disappear temporarily over the weekend -- but the rumors of a change in policy just aren't true, so keep that subscription canceling finger holstered for now.