Netflix price hike kicks in tomorrow, but you may not have to change right away

The time is running out on August, and with it goes the existence of Netflix's streaming and disc services as a single package for $7.99. Keeping both (on the 1-disc plan) will require a $15.98 payout every month starting tomorrow, but if you're one of the many crying loud and often that they'll downgrade or cancel rather than pay more then hang on -- you may be able to squeeze a few extra days out of your current package. Hacking Netflix points out that the price won't actually switch until your "Next Billing Date" after September 1st, but you should change two days ahead to avoid being billed. For us that's not until the 17th, so we have a couple more weeks to continue not watching the rented discs that have been languishing on our coffee tables without paying extra for the privilege. Your date may vary, so check out your account page to find out the specifics. Of course, we are wondering that after the shock has worn off, is everyone still escaping to friendlier locales, scaling back their Netflix subs or just eating the extra charge? Let us know in the poll below.