LaunchPort wirelessly charges iPad 2, infects users with glee (video)

Shiny, happy people staring at iPad 2s? Why, it must be the power of inductive charging, or just hyper-enthusiastic marketing. Revealed at CEDIA 2011, Dana Innovations' recently announced LaunchPort system takes the convenience of wireless charging and slaps it on your wall. Of course, there's the regular ol' option to have your Apple slab recharge from a flat top surface, but then you'll be missing out on the 360 degree pizzazz. The price of this fancy doesn't come cheap either, with both the wall- and base-mounted options costing $200 each, plus the $150 for the mandatory PowerShuttle sleeve and the $10 pre-order fee. Now, how badly do you need to show off that Jony Ive-designed tablet? Skip past the break to witness overacting at its finest.