Bluelounge MiniDock for iOS cuts the cord, declutters your life

Forget about that Klimt print and your torn John Belushi Animal House poster, if you've got a few of those Jony Ive-crafted iSlabs lying around, you should flaunt'em -- according to the designers at Bluelounge. Available for iOS owners in the US, UK and EU, the company's MiniDock makes use of your existing Apple USB power adapter for a cordless, outlet-mounted charging and display station. The design studio created the dock with a clutter-free existence in mind, but its focus on "customers who are passionate about their iPhones" is a much more telling inspiration. You can go ahead and snag one of these for $20 now, just keep it tucked away from any Android-toting houseguests.

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Bluelounge Launches MiniDock Home and Travel iPhone/iPod Wall Charger and Display-Docking Station

Cord-free and compact, MiniDock simplifies travel and household charging needs.

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) August 08, 2011

Bluelounge, the award-winning international design studio known for sleek, functional, design-forward cable management and home/office organization products, today announced the market-wide availability of MiniDock, a cord-free wall charger and display-docking station made for Apple iPhone and iPod devices that uses the existing Apple USB Power Adapter. MiniDock represents the latest in a series of sleek, innovative cord management products from Bluelounge, all designed specifically for Apple iPhones and essential for travel and household charging needs.

MiniDock allows consumers to charge and display their iPhone in an upright position in any electrical outlet without disorganized cords. Intended for use with existing Apple USB Power Adapter, iPhone or iPod can now plug directly into an electrical outlet. Ideal while traveling or in any home or office environment, MiniDock is lightweight, cord-free, and allows users to simplify and de-clutter the charging areas normally occupied with the unsightly and wayward cords. Users no longer need to deal with untidy cords while packing or when charging their device. With MiniDock, the user can charge their Apple devices upright, directly into their Apple USB Power Adapter, conveniently and seamlessly anywhere where an electric outlet is available.

"Our customers are passionate about their iPhones and their accessories," said Dominic Symons, Bluelounge Principal and Creative Director. "People are proud of their devices so they treat them with care and worry about their phones getting damaged when in use or while traveling. MiniDock meets the public's desire perfectly, with a sleek and innovative charging station that doubles as a display stand, so proud iPhone owners can use their hardware efficiently while they charge it. Our unique design keeps their phones safe, off the floor and out of harm's way-all at the same time."