Exoconcept EXO all-electric jet ski: perfect for lake recon, your next indie action film

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Exoconcept EXO all-electric jet ski: perfect for lake recon, your next indie action film
Part jet ski, part electric water scooter, 100 percent awesome. That's the Exoconcept Exo -- a new sea-born vehicle for stealth missions and the occasional run-in with Mr. Living Vicariously. The craft comes in a few flavors with shells made of high-end carbon fiber or ABS plastic, and engines ranging from 3.5-7kWh. Capable of cruising the open waters at a max speed of 15-27 knots (17-31 mph), it doesn't really rival the thrust of some of its non-electric cousins, but it's certainly fast and quiet enough for some reconnoitering or good old fashioned family fun. With four racks of Li Fe PO4 high capacity batteries, the motor powers a water jet turbine drive system to cut through waves without any sound pollution. Unfortunately, zipping around on electric power doesn't come cheap -- at €7,290 (or $9,939), it'll probably only appeal to those who also own the lake needed to enjoy it on. But hey, at least you've got until Q1 2012 to save up!
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World premiere at the Cannes Boat Show, EXOCONCEPT presents
EXO a new electric and ecological water toy.

At the Cannes Boat Show 2011, EXOCONCEPT unveils EXO, a new electric watercraft, ecological, fun and sport that can be used without a license.

After two years of studies, developments and registrations at the INPI, the EXO embeds the highest performances that technology can offer, in particular an underwater electric propulsion group,radically innovative, with a large range of uses, completed with the last generation of high-capacity batteries.

Among the basic criteria of a list of specifications focused on excellence and an impeccable building quality, the EXO had to present a radically new form, be ergonomic, ecological, easily transportable and be virtually without maintenance.

EXOCONCEPT intends to equip water sports centers worldwide and has built dedicated
business packages in order to offer to them an access to a new category of customers.
The EXO line is available in two different materials: reinforced ABS and carbon fiber, and in
several powers of engines starting from 3.5 until 7Kwh.

The EXO line in carbon fiber, more luxury and sport orientated, comes with the most
powerful engine (7Kwh), and some exclusive optional features that can be personalized.
Without a doubt, this line will satisfy all yacht owners and extreme sports lovers who look
for difference and strong emotions.

EXOCONCEPT is currently working to put in place its sales network and looks for official
dealers worldwide. The first deliveries of EXOs will be done during the first quarter of 2012.
The company can already receive pre-orders.

100% new Economic (4 racks of batteries reloaded for only 0.30€)
Look and feel radically high tech Virtually no maintenance
Ergonomic No smoke, no noise
Fun and sport Easily transportable
No mandatory license « Taylor made packages » designed for water sports centers
Can be use by everyone Low rental price recommended at 1€ per minute

Ecological New category of customers for water sports centers TECHNICAL FEATURES
Length 2.00m
Width 0.82m
Reinforced ABS available in 4 colors
Carbon fiber available in natural color
Weight without batteries 29Kg in ABS / 19Kg in carbon fiber
Weight of 4 racks of batteries 20Kg
Weight of 6 racks of batteries 30Kg

Maximum number of batteries Up to 6
Powers 3.5, 4.5 and 7Kwh
Speed From 15 to 27 knots
Autonomy 1h00 to 2h30 depending on the engine power
Price Entry price at 7 290€ without taxes and delivery

Example of "taylor made
package" for water sports
5 EXO (3.5Kwh) + 5 aluminum beach support + 2 additional
racks of batteries by EXO + 5 batteries charger + 10 specific
life jackets + 2 beach flags.
Solar panels (optional)
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