Intel reveals January 2012 Gingerbread arrival for the Atom E6xx (video)

Intel wants a piece of the smartphone market -- bad. The company has made no bones about its attempts to break into that booming space. Despite big talk, however, it hasn't really given smartphone manufacturers something they can work with. A new promotional video for its pint-sized Atom E6xx series, however, reveals that chipmaker may be taking a step in the right direction, highlighting a January 2012 date for bringing Android 2.3 to the processor. Keep in mind, of course, that this isn't a smartphone chip that we're talking about here -- the primary applications as outlined by Intel are retail, fitness equipment, digital signage and in-vehicle systems. Still, perhaps it marks a next step in the company's push toward your mobile devices, or moreover, a shift for Android into more non-mobile things.

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