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AT&T announces $25 monthly GoPhone plan beginning September 18th

AT&T announces $25 monthly GoPhone plan beginning September 18th
Brad Molen
Brad Molen|September 13, 2011 10:40 PM
With all of the unlimited everything plans dominating the world of prepaid currently, it's easy to forget about the smaller offerings ideally suited for those looking for appetizers instead of the all-you-can-eat buffet. AT&T's announced a new monthly package that may fare well with the nibblers, doling out 250 anytime minutes and unlimited messaging for $25 beginning on September 18th. Two other prepaid services are launching the same day: a $10 international long distance package that includes 250 minutes within a period of 30 days, and per-use roaming in Canada which can be had for $.39 per minute and $.25 per message sent ($.20 per message received). It's nice to see the company, notorious for its recent history of streamlining plans, adding another selection onto the tray of prepaid hors d'oeuvres. Full presser can be found after the break.
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Prepaid Calling Never Looked So Good: New $25 Monthly GoPhone Plan

AT&T Customers Can Also Choose New $10 International Long Distance Package GoPhone Roaming Now Available in Canada

Dallas, Texas, September 12, 2011

Key Facts:

Starting September 18, GoPhone customers can choose a $25 monthly plan which includes 250 nationwide voice minutes and unlimited, nationwide messaging every 30 days.
Also starting September 18, AT&T* will begin offering a $10 International Long Distance package for prepaid customers which includes 250 minutes to over 50 countries for 30 days.
GoPhone roaming now available in Canada.

Customer Benefits

GoPhone options are better than ever. AT&T's prepaid customers can enjoy unlimited nationwide messaging and 250 minutes of domestic calling for $25 per month starting September 18. Earlier this year, AT&T launched an unlimited talk, text, and web plan for $50 per month with no long-term commitment (data not included on smartphones).

Also on September 18, customers can purchase a new international long distance feature-250 minutes of international calls to over 50 countries-for only $10 a month.

With the new $10 international long distance feature, minutes can be used to call international landline numbers to all countries on AT&T's designated list. Calls to mobile numbers are included in Canada and a number of additional countries.

For more information, please visit att.com/gophoneintLD starting September 13.

GoPhone Roaming in Canada

GoPhone customers can now enjoy service as they travel to popular areas in Canada such as Montreal, Niagara Falls and Vancouver. Pricing includes:

Voice – $.39 per minute (no surcharges)
Text – $.25 per message sent, $.20 per message received