Logitech Revue gets second Honeycomb leak, TV apps sneak into Market

Did you empty your piggy bank for a Logitech Revue after the first Honeycomb sighting about a month ago? If not, there's new fuel for the Google TV set-top box hacking fire... so get your Hamiltons in order. Channel Android's latest reel showcases a newer, more polished leak of Honeycomb that reflects the preview we spotted running on Sony hardware last week. It's not without its fair share of bugs, and you'll need to install the first leak to avoid turning your device into a paperweight (read: brick), so proceed at your own risk. Also of note: apps built specifically for TV have started to pop up in the marketplace -- it seems devs have been busy since Google dropped the SDK a while back. For a closer look at the payoff straight from the hive, take a look at the video above or check out a slideshow of some Google TV apps that are in the Market now put together by NewTeeVee.