LucasArts hiring for FPS, aerial combat, action/adventure games

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LucasArts hiring for FPS, aerial combat, action/adventure games
On top of last month's outed job listing for an open-world RPG, LucasArts is now hiring for a first-person shooter, an aerial combat game and an action/adventure game. GameSpot noticed the listings, which call for a level designer for a FPS title, a senior gameplay engineer for the aerial combat game and a producer for an action/adventure title. LucasArts sure seems busy these days!

The aerial combat game seems like a no-brainer -- LucasArts has a stable of Star Wars aerial combat games it could pull from, so that's our guess considering the position emphasizes a familiarity with "space-based shooters." The other two require even more speculation ... and we certainly wouldn't mind seeing another Republic Commando game.
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