Sony outs trio of limited edition PlayStation 3 consoles, keeps it fresh with a few paint jobs

How do you keep selling a five-year old system? You slap a new coat of paint on it and call it a "limited edition," that's how. Which is precisely what Sony's gotten up to with three newly colored versions of its PlayStation 3. Hitting the electronics giant's homeland this November 17th are a duo of 320GB consoles, offered up in either Splash Blue or Scarlet Red, that come paired with a similarly hued DualShock controller and ¥29980 ($390) asking price. The prettiest of the bunch, however, won't be released until December 15th in Japan, and that's the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Edition Ver.2. Timed to coincide with the retail debut of the Square Enix-made sequel, that console (pictured above) also boasts a 320GB HDD, bundled copy of the game and a plain old black controller -- all for ¥37960 ($494). If you need to add a little spice back into your gaming life, it might be time to get your import on.