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The Engadget / eBoy t-shirt shop is officially open, pre-orders start today!

Woo, boy. We've been bursting at the seams to share this one, and it's finally time -- Engadget is teaming up with the one and only eBoy (read our introduction here) in order to open up our very own t-shirt shop! We've worked with eBoy over the years, and we've never been let down by their mind-blowing work. Every so often, we've offered up a stash of shirts for our dear readers to snap up, and every time, they were gone before sundown. That's just not right. To remedy said quandary, we've worked up a beautiful arrangement that'll have one of our favorite artists whipping out t-shirt designs for us, and they'll be handling the orders and logistics as they've been doing for years. Pre-orders are live worldwide right now, and initial shipments should start flowing around mid-October. Our first five designs are showcased in the gallery below, and if you're interested, surf on down to the source link below to grab one (or two!). They're priced at $24 (US / Canada), or €20 elsewhere, and if you're curious about sizing, have a look at American Apparel's size chart right here.

We hope you love 'em as much as we do, and we'll be giving 50 percent of the proceeds received to Child's Play Charity, which provides games, books and cash for sick kids in children's hospitals across North America and the world. %Gallery-134010%