New super-limited edition eBoy / Engadget shirts now available! (update: SOLD OUT!)

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|01.14.11

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New super-limited edition eBoy / Engadget shirts now available! (update: SOLD OUT!)
You asked, and we've delivered! Once again, Engadget has teamed up with the brilliant eBoy to bring you a super-duper limited edition T-shirt which will wow and delight family and friends alike. As you can see from the image above, the new shirt is based on our CES / reader meetup graphic that's been doing the rounds on the site, featuring nearly all of the Engadget crew toying with some real (and not-so-real) tech. The eBoy crew tells us this is their most color-heavy shirt ever produced (a 9+1 process), which is pretty nifty. We think it's a nice companion to our CES 2011 coverage, and makes a wonderful addition to any fashion plate's wardrobe. The shirts come in small, medium, large, and extra large, and can be had for $30US (plus $10 shipping) -- but really, can you put a price on looking good? If you'd like to order, follow along after the break and use our fancy PayPal e-commerce system. Also, we ship WORLDWIDE!

Update: The last time we had shirts, they sold out in about 30 minutes. We have more this time, but still a very small quantity. If you want one, we suggest you get in fast.

Update 2: Extra large is sold out!

Update 3: We're sold out of everything! If you didn't find your size, there may still be some available on the eBoy site -- check it out HERE!

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