The Artist is Present is a game about waiting in line at a museum

Writing articles about video games is so much fun that we often have to stop, wipe the manic grins off our faces and find something really boring to do. Sometimes we stare at a blank white wall and recite the Declaration of Independence under our breath, other times we watch Lost in Translation. Now we have a new option: We can play The Artist is Present, a game about waiting in line at New York's Museum of Modern Art created by Pippin Barr.

Unfortunately for us, the game's backstory is pretty entertaining. Contemporary artist Marina Abramović held an exhibit in 2010 that had people waiting hours in line for a chance to look into her eyes for as long as they wanted, and Barr used that idea to make a hilariously serious game about the contemporary art experience. In the game, you enter MoMA, buy a ticket and -- surprise -- wait in line to stare into Abramović's eyes. The game mimics MoMA's hours in real life, meaning when the real museum closes, the game kicks you to the curb and you can wait until it opens again IRL to get back in line. Or you can leave and grab a slice of pizza. Not in the game; in reality.

We haven't made it to the front yet, but already we feel enlightened. And bored.