Black Prophecy community letter addresses known issues, item shop, and the future

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Black Prophecy community letter addresses known issues, item shop, and the future
Screenshot -- Black Prophecy
Hold up just a minute there, space cowboy. Gamigo's Patrick Streppel has released a new community letter, which addresses a few questions and grievances that have been raised by Black Prophecy players.

The letter first takes time to address some known issues with the game. Foremost of said issues is the acknowledgement that with the game's first major content update, many users began to experience large performance issues. Streppel states that fixing these issues is numero uno on the team's priority list but that it "cannot promise immediate improvement" due to the fact that the source of the issue is "spread across several internal game systems."

Next up is the touchy subject of the item shop. Players have long decried the game's cash shop for being too expensive while simultaneously failing to give players an adequate description of what exactly they're spending their money on. In response, the team has lowered item prices and will proceed to alter item descriptions "in order to give [players] a clearer picture of what [they] are actually buying."

The letter then gives players a brief glimpse into the game's future. The next episode of the game features warzones, which are "a brand new PvP experience" allowing players to duke it out with the opposing faction for control of key territories. Conquering these warzones will grant players XP, rewards in the form of exclusive upgrade blueprints, and "greater individual and group powers" for the victorious faction.

For the full letter, which includes further details about the warzone system and more detailed discussions of the game's known issues, click on through the link below to the official forums.
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