Lion Ultimatum brings desktop-like functionality and file manager to jailbroken iOS (video)

Sure, OS X Lion borrowed many of its design cues from Apple's iOS platform, but now users of jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch devices may bring much of the desktop Mac's functionality onto their handset with Lion Ultimatum. In essence, this beta project is a theme for Dreamboard (which is required software), but it's rather far-reaching, with a functional file manager and Finder menus, a scrollable dock and draggable windows, along with Stacks, Launchpad, Mission Control and Dashboard. There's also a customizable lock screen that provides access to the dialer, email and messages. Even the keyboard can be modified to resemble the design of MacBook Pro or the traditional Apple Keyboard, thanks to integration with ColorKeyboard. If you're thirsty for more, hop the break for an extended video preview, or just follow the source for the full install instructions.

[Thanks, Adam]

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