iTwin allows you to share files with PCs securely over the web

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iTwin allows you to share files with PCs securely over the web

iTwin has added official public Mac compatibility to its innovative file sharing USB stick that allows users to transfer or share files across Macs or PCs no matter where they are in the world. After selecting which files to share users can simply plug one half of an iTwin into a Mac and the other into a PC. As long as both computers are connected to the Internet, users can access the files from anywhere in the world, no matter if the PC is in China and the Mac is in Mexico.

Think of the iTwin as you own personal cloud storage solution, without actually storing anything on remote servers. All files remain on the local machines. The files are shared securely over a AES-256 encrypted connection and there is no limit to the amount of files you can share. You can share your entire 4 TB hard drive if you want. And since no files are stored on the iTwin itself, the moment you unplug it from a host computer all your files are only available on the local machines themselves. Best of all, there is only a single upfront cost for the iTwin. There are no subscription fees or paying for additional storage.

The iTwin, now with Snow Leopard and Lion compatibility is available now for US$99.

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