Lord of Apocalypse is another Swery65 joint

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Lord of Apocalypse is another Swery65 joint
This year's Monster Hunter-esque PSP action title, Lord of Arcana, was actually developed by Access Games and directed by Deadly Premonition's Swery65, though it didn't attract the same kind of attention Deadly Premonition did.

Last week, Square Enix revealed a followup, Lord of Apocalypse, for both PSP and PlayStation Vita. On his blog, after a couple of thumbnail-sized sandwich pictures, Swery revealed that his company is also making this one. "If you'll excuse my presumptuousness, it's a new Action RPG developed and directed by me," he said. "Of course, the wonderful developers over at Square Enix are doing an amazing job on this game for us as well."

Maybe if it does well, Swery can get the capital for some of his other crazy ideas.
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