Xiaomi Phone to get vanilla Android 2.3.5 next month, Ice Cream Sandwich in January

By now most of you may already know that the attractively priced Xiaomi Phone will support both MIUI and vanilla Android ROMs (though not simultaneously on its dual-partition system); but earlier today, CEO Lei Jun confirmed that October will see the release of said device's vanilla Android 2.3.5 ROM, meaning the keen beans won't have to wait long after the Xiaomi Phone's launch in the same month.

More interestingly, Lei also announced that his Beijing-based chums will be rolling out a vanilla 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich build in January, which is about two or three months after Eric Schimdt's expected launch date. Sounds about right if you look at previous releases, and we shall look forward to observing the epic 4.0 battle between the Xiaomi Phone, the ASUS Padfone and the rumored Nexus Prime.