Apple offers Final Cut Pro X update and free 30 day trial, hopes we can all still be friends

Plenty of folks were less than thrilled by the release of Apple's rebuilt Final Cut Pro -- in fact, words like "disgruntled" come to mind when describing the response to the new version of the video editing software. Take heart, however, the massive backlash hasn't gone unnoticed. The company has released version 10.0.1 of Final Cut Pro X, which offers up some new features, including support for rich XML and Xsan, Lion full-screen view and Media Stem export. Apple has even offered up a rare moment of humility, acknowledging that the additions are an attempt at "answering those concerns" of "very vocal customers." The company is also looking to push back against some of the negative press by offering up a 30 day demo of the software to wary users afraid to take the plunge. More updates, including multi-camera support and broadcast-quality video monitoring are promised for early next year.