Global Agenda's Recursive Colony launches

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Global Agenda's Recursive Colony launches
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Fans of games that tread the line between MMORPG and FPS will be pleased at this news: Today brings the launch of Global Agenda's Recursive Colony expansion, a free update and the "largest content update in the history" of the game, according to Hi-Rez Studios' official website. Chief among the new additions is a new mid- to high-level open zone with a storyline and quests meant to provide an alternate leveling experience for more RPG-minded players. The expansion also includes new daily repeatable quests, a new PvP map called Push Dust, new tutorials, quality-of-life enhancements, crafting tweaks, and a slew of pets, dyes, and other fluff.

To kick off patch day and show off the highlights of the update, Hi-Rez has released a brand-new trailer with a satisfying blend of explosions, robots, and yellowy post-apocalyptic zones. Find it after the cut!

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