Final Fantasy XIV shows off upcoming transportation innovations

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.23.11

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Final Fantasy XIV shows off upcoming transportation innovations
Well now, everybody's heard about the bird, b-b-b-bird bird bird, bird is the word...
In any installment of the Final Fantasy franchise, mounting your noble steed means getting on a trusty yellow bird. Final Fantasy XIV has been distinctly lacking in chocobos for some time now, but with patch 1.19, all of that is being fixed. And better yet, the official site has just put together a preview of how the systems behind these mounts and the new airships will work... not to mention a preview video featuring the tune players are eagerly awaiting.

Players who have fully enlisted with a Grand Company will be able to purchase a personal chocobo for 3000 company seals, which will allow unrestricted access to your personal bird. Players without that option can still rent a bird for 800 gil as long as they've achieved level 10. Last but not least, airships will allow players rapid transit between the city states. But if you're the sort who won't believe it until you see it, jump past the break for all the bird-riding action you can imagine.

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